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Do you find yourself limited by your language skills in China? Before your Mandarin improves to the level when you can have a conversation with doctors, taxi drivers and landlords, we have you covered!

For only 49.99 RMB ($ 7.99) per month or 29.99 RMB ($4.99) per one-off call you can have your personal concierge and interpreter always with you! Get access to your Find in China 24/7 helpline below (terms and conditions apply)

Our 24/7 English-Mandarin translation helpline can be used in the following situations:

  • Medical emergencies, dental and doctor visits
  • Travel-related problems (directing taxi drivers, plane delays, booking and buying train tickets, hotel booking etc.)
  • Landlord-Tenant Problems
  • Problems finding a location of a place
  • Communication with Police and Public Authorities (Lost passport, theft, visa applications, private banking etc.)
  • Shopping/ entertainment communication problems


How to use the Helpline?

1. Choose your option and make the payment

Notice: Users paying with a non-US funding source (bank card/ PayPal account) in a different currency than USD will be charged in US Dollars at PayPal exchange rate. To avoid this, we recommend using an alternative Yoopay checkout for Chinese / European credit/debit cards and PayPal:

Find in China 24/7 Helpline 1 month membership

Access to a 24/7, 365-day English-Mandarin interpreting helpline for 1 month




Find in China 24/7 Helpline 1 call

The price includes a one-off call to Find in China 24/7 Helpline. Terms and conditions apply (see below)


2. Call us! (We will ask for the e-mail address you provided at checkout for verification)

To reach the helpline call 156 5743 3884 after payment

Wanna chat instead? Reach us on WeChat (scan the QR code below), Facebook messenger or Skype (

CS individual FIC WeChat account

Purchasing Find in China 24/7 Helpline Membership means you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions of Service (blow)

Problems? Questions? Get in touch: / +86 182 68630438

Helpline card

Terms and Conditions of Service

General terms of service

  1. Find in China 24/7 Helpline Membership (hereinafter “the Membership”) is operated by 宁波艾米兰妮信息科技有限公司 LTD (hereinafter referred to as “Find in China”) with registered address: Room103, Building 6, #1000, Jichang road, Haishu district.
  2. Find in China provides the Membership and 1 Call services to users who purchase it from, or affiliated vendors. Upon successful purchase the client receives the Membership number required to redeem the services covered by the purchased plan by email to the e-mail provided at the checkout.
  3. The Membership can be purchased for a period of 1 month. The service provision commences after 24 hours upon the receipt of payment and continues for 30 days after that date depending on the duration of the purchased plan. The Membership service is currently sold at 7.99 USD.
  4. Find in China reserves the right to make changes to its services, pricing policy, terms and conditions, or availability of services at any time without notice. Registered membership users will enjoy their service continuously without any change until the end of the billing period.
  5. Find in China 24/7 Helpline also provides one-off calls, known as ‘The Find in China 24/7 Helpline 1 Call’. ‘The Find in China 24/7 Helpline 1 Call’ service is currently sold at 4.99 USD.
  6. To redeem the 1 Call service, the user should have the e-mail address provided at checkout.
  7. The 1 Call service can be redeemed immediately upon receipt of the payment confirmation.
  8. The Helpline is only available to users calling from Mainland China.
  9. The Membership includes: access to 24/7 year-round helpline providing telephone interpreting services between Standard English and Standard Mandarin Chinese on the phone. The interpreting service is not limited to any particular type of situation and can be used in any situation as deemed appropriate by the user. However, Find in China does not accept any liability for not being able to resolve the user’s problem.
  10. The Find in China 24/7 Helpline 1 call includes: 1 conversation with Find in China customer service adviser, regardless of the call duration.
  11. The telephone number provided by Find in China is not a low-toll number and is a regular landline number based in Mainland China, operated by Skype. Local telephone rates and service charges apply. For further information please check with your local service provider.
  12. Find in China 24/7 Helpline (hereinafter “the helpline”) is available to users who have purchased the Find in China 24/7 Helpline Membership, Find in China Membership Card, or  from or affiliated vendors and have the Membership Card number included in the purchase receipt and the name provided at checkout.
  13. Find in China 24/7 Helpline strives to provide consistent, 24/7, 365 days a year service. However, due to technical limitations, Find in China does not accept liability for long answering time, hold, unavailability, technical issues such as poor sound quality or dropped connection, inability to resolve the customer’s problem or any damage or loss incurred in the course of events that warranted use of the helpline or happened during the conversation, waiting time or hold, or as a result, directly or indirectly, of service provided by Find in China customer service agents.
  14. Find in China Helpline is not an emergency number and under no circumstances shall be construed as such. In situations that pose a threat to life, health, safety or property of the Member, or any other person, the Member shall not use the helpline and immediately refer to emergency services instead.
  15. Service provided by Find in China Helpline is not and shall not be construed as medical, legal or financial advice. We strive to provide the highest quality of service, however, our customer service advisors shall not be understood to be trained professionals in any field in which the user may require our services.

Data protection

  1. Purchasing the Membership using a credit card or payment applications such as PayPal, AliPay or WeChat Pay requires us and our third party E-commerce provider to collect basic information including name, email address, telephone number, billing address, credit card type and number (and security code). This information is used by us for internal purposes only in setting up account information, processing your request and billing you for services requested. All of this information is stored on secure servers maintained by us and is never disclosed to third parties.
  2. Find in China has a strict “no-spam” policy and never uses your e-mail address for purposes other than internal purchase processing. Find in China reserves the right to occasionally (not more often than once per week) send newsletters with updates regarding service agreements, new functionalities and offers available to Membership holders within the scope of their purchase.
  3. Find in China does not record or store any information during the helpline interpreting calls unless all participants on the call have agreed to being recorded. If a call is recorded and stored, it is maintained in a secure place on our servers and can only be accessed by the customer under whose agreement the call was made.
  4. Find in China’s websites may collect non-identifiable information such as browser type, operating system and internet provider through small files called ‘cookies’. We use this information only for statistical purposes and in order to improve our service.