FIC City Guide – the must-have reference book for Ningbo!

Tired of constantly asking questions in WeChat groups? Do you want to have all the contacts you need to survive as an expat in Ningbo in one place? Everything from emergency numbers, through  doctors, vets and dentists, where to shop for western food, to shoe repairs?

We’ve got you covered! FIC City Guide is going to pull all the most important and valuable resources you need to survive in Ningbo into a handy comprehensive yet concise e-book!


The e-book covers:

emergency numbers (police, ambulance, fire brigade, 24/7 translation helpline); medical services (hospitals, doctors, vets, dentists, maternity, GP);

  • wellness (hairdresser, beautician, nail salons, chiropractors);
  • travel / driver; relocation; real estate;
  • places to see/ culture (sightseeing, museums, art galleries), entertainment (live music, nightclubs, cinemas, KTVs, theatres);
  • shopping (shopping malls, Walmarts, Metros, IKEAs, Carrefours etc.); online stores (imported goods);
  • sports (swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, yoga studios, sports centres, golf courses, ice-rinks);
  • education (mandarin schools, language schools, training centres, international schools, nurseries)
  •  expat groups (WeChat and Facebook groups, clubs and associations).

Wanna have your copy? Grab it half-price now in pre-order!

Price today in pre-order: 49.99 RMB; Delivery day: 31.03.2018

Price after 31.03.2018: 99.99 RMB

Don’t need the full guide? You can also buy a specific guide: medical, sports, professional services / food or entertainment for only 19.99 (until 31.03., then 49.99)

Medical NINGBo!Sports NINGBo!Professional NINGBo!Food NINGBo!Culture NINGBo!

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