Started by a University of Cambridge graduate and a language lover in 2013, we have since grown into a team of 130 language experts delivering excellence to clients as diverse as sports nutrition start-ups, fashion brands, published book authors and universities.

Be it translation, copywriting or social media – we always work to the highest standards.  All our translators and content writers pour their heart into delighting you and your customers, and produce fresh content tailored to your needs.

why us?


#1 You can trust us – We pour our hearts into it

You wouldn’t just let anyone look after your baby, would you? That’s how we feel about content marketing. Since your brand image depends on your communications with your customers, you don’t want to just let anyone do it. We know why. Every brand has its own authentic voice and feel, and you wouldn’t want to get it lost in translation.

#2 We are not a content farm

We always deliver fresh, organically-grown content.  All our translators and content writers pour their heart into delighting your customers, take their time to educate themselves about your company and your clients, and produce content tailored to your needs.

#3 We don’t just translate words. We adapt your content to the target culture

Things get even more tricky when you think about the need to adapt your copy to different cultures.  Did you know, for instance, that purple stands for…death in Thailand? Our team consists of native translators born and bred in the target language. They translate and create content that has been adapted to the target culture, respecting both local tradition and language conventions. Cultural awareness is necessary to avoid brand failures, and to create positive impact on the target consumer by speaking to them in a familiar voice.

#4 We promote your company to international audiences

We do more for you than any translation or marketing agency. On top of writing content for your company blog, we also take full charge of the social media interactions in the foreign language, including replying to comments and messages.  We post your updates to all your social media channels and make sure they reach wide audiences.

#5 Tonight we are young

Our team is young, dynamic, street-wise, well versed in current trends on the local target markets and 100% millennial friendly 😉

#6 We do China

Are you on WeChat? That’s the first thing you’ll hear when you go to China. If you’re selling to Chinese customers but you’re not present on Chinese social media, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach your customers. We’ll help you get there and make sure you reach your Chinese customers with the right content.

Sounds good? Contact us for more details – we will call you back to discuss your needs!