Copywriting services

Copywriting services

We will write any type of text for you – from SEO optimised blog posts, newsletters to website copy.

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Website Copywriting – 5 pages

Essential website copywriting - all you need to get your business website up and running! We will write irresistible copy for the five most important pages of your website: • Home • About • Work with me / Services • Praise • Contact a way that sells! Pssst! We can write that blog too! Fill in our questionnaire and book a free discovery call so we can understand your needs better!




SEO-optimised blog post/ interview for your business

Long, 1,000-2000 word long (Google loves longer texts!) post optimised for SEO by using the right keyword density, custom written by one of our native copywriters and published for you on your blog! You can use it for your blog, website, marketing materials, newsletter, social media (e.g. LinkedIn) etc. Please send us a brief (form below) with details. * The price includes at least 1000-2000 words of custom-written text in English /another foreign language


4 Long SEO blog posts – save over 10% in a package

Consistency is king and the key to a successful blog! Both your clients and google love regular posts, so why not buy a whole package at once and save 10%? We will write 4 (1 every week) 1,000-2000 word, SEO-optimised posts for your blog, which you can also post on LinkedIn, use on your website or marketing materials. This also provides consistency, as the 4 blog posts will come with a mini-strategy for your blog – completely for free! If you want to publish more often, you can write us to post the 4 posts bi-weekly, and purchase more than one package.



An up to 400-word newsletter for your business, with a template designed especially for you in an email marketing tool of your choice*, scheduled and sent by us to your email list. *The price does not include the tool subscription fee


4 newsletters – save 10% in a package

4 x up to 400-word newsletters for your business, with a template designed especially for you in an email marketing tool of your choice*, scheduled and sent by us to your email list once per week for a month. *The price does not include the tool subscription fee



Create a beautiful infographic for your website, social media posts or marketing materials! Native speaker-written text (English or another language) + modern graphic design in top quality! The price includes infographic text and graphic design. All files are delivered in .JPG and .PNG format. Please send us a brief (form below) with details.


Social media management

No time for social media marketing? Would you like your posts to just publish themselves? We also do full-stack content marketing and social media management for your business! The price includes: up to 4 social media websites’ management, including writing and publishing posts (without linked content – if you want us to write your blog as well, please choose one of the blog packages above!), responding to messages and comments. Further terms and conditions apply.


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All texts are written only by experienced native speakers. We specialise in small business copywriting and have cooperated with several international companies and start-ups.

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* Prices for four or more services purchased at the same time. Invoice request:

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Created by two passionate long-distance runners, Runner’s Delight is a complete breakfast meal designed to drive your athletic performance.

Runner’s Delight is engineered specifically to optimise your workout at every stage. Whether you are revving up to break your personal best, or replenishing your reserves after pushing yourself to the limit, Runner’s Delight can help you take your workout to the next level.

We have infused our porridge with added vitamins and supplements to tackle those common issues that typically hold runners back from achieving their potential

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Content marketing (inbound marketing through content that is valuable for the users – e.g. blogs posts, LinkedIn articles, Instagram and Facebook posts) has become the go-to marketing method in recent years – and for a good reason! According to Content Marketing Institute, vendors using content marketing see 6 x more conversions on their websites than those who do not use it. The importance of implementing a content marketing strategy in your business is further highlighted by the fact that in the information-crowded landscape of the internet, it is becoming harder and harder to reach your target customer – according to 26% of consumers are avoiding direct ads by using ad blocks and ditching TV altogether.

So what’s the catch then?

Well, truly valuable content is difficult to generate, and requires a lot of time and consistency. Creating a truly engaging, informative and well-researched blog post once or twice a week and social media posts to boot can be a challenge for your already overwhelmed team. What’s more, without a well-planned content marketing strategy  you may end up wasting your precious resources in vain and see no results – according to Neil Patel, a renown content marketing guru, most businesses fail at content marketing strategy. 

If you have no time or no expertise to develop your own content – leave it to us!

We will:

  • analyse your content marketing needs 
  • develop a long-term content marketing strategy for your business
  • help you choose and set up appropriate content marketing channels – your company blog, Facebook page and Instagram account
  • craft engaging blog posts, LinkedIn articles, and social media posts (Facebook/ Instagram) – in any language you need!
  • attractive all-inclusive packages available!

So, are you ready? Drop us a line to request a free call and start getting more conversion from your website!

“The biggest differentiator in business now is good writing.”