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We have talented language experts translating between English and over 40 languages contact us for a quote and to check whether we have the right language combination available.

Why us?

Most agencies compete with speed and price, while the quality is taken for granted. The result? Average texts that may be grammatically correct and convey what you wanted to say (if you are lucky – not everyone is!), but not always the way you wanted to say it.

We love what we do and that is why we go the extra mile to make sure that the texts important to you and your business are not only merely correct, but also truly beautiful – achieving the desired function and meeting the highest quality standards.

What makes an excellent translation and how do we ensure our quality standards?

  1. We don’t just translate words. We take extra care to make sure that each of our translations achieves exactly the same function as intended by the author in the source language, and makes the same impression on the reader – in accordance with the Skopos theory.                                                                          
  2. This means we adapt the translation language to the expectations of the target audience – in terms of the local culture and conventions.
  3. We are always *very aware* of the intended function of the text. This is particularly important for marketing and business texts that are intended to achieve a particular result – sell, market, inform or persuade.
  4. This wouldn’t be possible without ensuring we are hiring only the most competent and *talented* language experts. 95% of all our translations are performed by native speakers who need to pass challenging aptitude tests to qualify for the roles of our translators, proofreaders or copywriters. Want to see what the tests look like? Go to our careers section and have a look at our recruitment process. We know that qualification are often not enough, and even the most impressive CV does not guarantee the quality of work.
  5. We make sure it’s a match! That is, we make sure the topic of your translation matches the profile of education, experience and interests of the translator/ reviewer who will be working on it. We cooperate with a number of specialists from different professions who review the more challenging specialists texts in terms of content and terminology to make sure even the most sophisticated translation assignment meets your expectations.
  6. We double-check. There are always at least two (and often three) pairs of eyes looking at your translation. After the text has been pampered by our native translator, it  goes to a reviewer, who may then (if necessary) send it to our technical reviewer/ senior language reviewer for the final polish.
  7. We really care. We are big enough to consistently deliver all the services you need in 40+ languages and small enough to know each and every of our 134 freelance translators – we know what they are especially good at, what they like to do most and what we can expect of them. That is why you can trust that the text you assign to us is done by the most competent person for it, not by a random freelancer who offers the cheapest rate on an internal marketplace (sad reality of working for a large translation agency – based my own experience of working as a freelancer for more than one, once upon a time BC).